Modifying the CW AGC of a Kenwood TS-130V

The AGC of a Kenwood TS-130V becomes nervous when the receiver is switched to CW mode. The reason is a small time constant. Here's a mod which helps to make listening to CW more comfortable.

Parts required for the mod:
- Resistor 15 kOhm, low power (1/4 or 1/8 watt)
- Capacitor 0.33F, small ceramic (voltage not critical)

1. Strip the TS-130V completely open.

2. Look for the IF board on the bottom side.

3. Search connector "33" towards the transceiver's rear panel.

4. Look for PIN 4 (red wire, named "AGC") and PIN 5 (brown wire, named "RFG").


5. CAREFULLY strip a small piece of insulation material from both wires.

6. Solder the 15 kOhm resistor and the 0.33F capacitor in series between the to wires.
(click to enlarge)

7. Insulate the whole thing with electrical tape.